Cry, Heart, but never break (Death & Inspiration)

These last few years in particular seem to have brought the experience and reality of death more to the forefront of many of our minds. So many have witnessed the deaths of those they love, many have lost their lives and others have heard about such vast numbers of people dying all over the world. It can be a challenging subject to navigate for ourselves, because it is often considered taboo to talk about or dwell on, yet it is the one certainty in life: that we will all die.  

This has been a particularly strong part of my practice this year, having experienced several significant deaths in a short space of time. Something that drew them all together and that has had a strong impact, was the fact that they all seemed so ‘alive’ and ‘cut short’ in their lives. It leaves me pondering my own life, and that of those around me – death is certain and its exact arrival is unknown.  

To some, this may seem an incredibly morbid subject, but for me it seems more an inspiration. There is an aliveness in being conscious of death. It is a reminder of our own death and can be an inspiration and reminder to live our lives with more fullness and perhaps taking more opportunities to feel the fear and do it anyway in some circumstances where we tend to hold ourselves back. There is a Mary Oliver poem called ‘When death comes,’ that really speaks of this for me, where she says she wants to be able to say ‘I was a bride married to amazement. I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.’ So we may find inspiration to experience our lives and the world with a greater depth. And my experience is that Rosen can support us to do that – to open to a fuller picture of our own experience, emotions and truth and therefore to open more fully to the world. 

Death can also be a doorway into love. When we lose someone or nearly lose someone who we care about, it can allow us to open naturally towards love. This isn’t likely to be the whole of our experience, and it may not be our experience at all. But for me this has been a reality of opening to death over the last few years. We may find that the heart cracks open and allows us to peek inside, to feel the depth of the love that we feel for fellow humans (and therefore the capacity for love that we have for ourselves too). This may also allow the potential to open to the world more widely: all beings experience loss, death reaches us all, so we can see a shared humanity, a shared experience. We can love one another in our shared grieving, our shared experience of loss and bereavement. There may be a little more space for more of ourselves, more of others and more of the world.

There is a beautiful children’s book which speaks of this too which I was recently recommended. ‘Cry, Heart, But Never Break’ by Glenn Ringtved, which is a beautifully written and illustrated story about a dying grandmother, and the connection between grief and joy.  

Recent bereavement may not be an ideal time to start having Rosen sessions, however it may be that the work allows us to unfold, unravel and open a little to our experience from a past bereavement. If you are interested in finding out more about Rosen, do get in touch. I offer free consultation calls to get an idea of me and to find out more. This also gives me an opportunity to hear about you and find out whether the work might be suitable for you at this time in your life.  

Warmly and with gratitude, 

Anna x 

Cancellations & what to do

We all need to change our plans at times, and it is important to feel able to do so when you need to. It is also important for me to take care of myself and my practice as a self-employed practitioner, so I have a cancellations policy in place to support us all.  

My cancellation policy allows you to cancel or reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours before a session without any charge. However, if you need to reschedule within 24 hours of a session time, I ask that you pay the full session price in order to support me to continue my work. It may be that there are extenuating circumstances, and in this case I will waiver the charge at my own discretion. As Covid has been such a serious and large part of our lives and awareness over the last few years, if you have Covid, I ask that you cancel your session and you will not be charged (unless you feel able to and wish to pay). 

To reschedule or cancel an appointment, please pop me an email, or if it is closer to the appointment time, give me a call so that I know not to expect you at your appointment. I am friendly and human, so please do feel able to call and speak to me about any concerns you may have. 

Warmly and with gratitude,  

Anna x 

From ‘hiding behind a chair’ to being deeply seen

A friend recently rejoiced in the change they had seen in me through my practice and work in relation to being seen more fully. She said that when she had first met me (some years ago), she had the impression that I might have hidden behind a chair if I had been able to. It was interesting to hear this reflection and observation from someone who knows me well. She also said, that I am now more and more able to allow myself to be seen by friends and those around me.  

‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘And most importantly, be seen by myself too!’ Through receiving and practicing Rosen, I have become more used to and comfortable with looking at how I am (from muscular holding to emotional responses) and learning to acknowledge whatever I find. Reading this, you may think this sounds terrifying – certainly, I would have been very uncomfortable with this idea some years ago! But, the reality for me seems to be more opportunities to live life more fully, connect more deeply and be relaxed and at ease more in day to day life.  

Many of us spend our lives avoiding being seen, or attempting to only show certain parts of our experience. We might subconsciously want to be seen as ‘a good girl/boy’ or as ‘strong, independent and dependable’, but less keen to be seen as someone who is angry, afraid or sad. We might not even realise that we are holding these views of how to be in world, but there is often an unconscious difference between how we present ourselves and the whole truth of our experience. We each carry with us aspects of our experiences over our lives that are challenging to meet and acknowledge and when we don’t accept them, it can result in a disconnection with ourselves, our bodies and even those around us. My experience of Rosen has been that through gently inviting these aspects of my experience to unfold, have space and express themselves, I have been able to open more fully into life with them.

We may find it is a relief to be able to start to see these rejected and ‘unacceptable’ parts of ourselves. To see the raging toddler who needed to stamp and scream, or notice the sad and lonely teenager who was in need of love and affection. It doesn’t meant that we need to live our lives as our ‘raging toddler’ or ‘lonely teenager’ and be stuck in those modes, but that by allowing those experiences to be felt in the body, expressed, and witnessed by ourselves and our practitioner, we may be able to let go of the hold they have on our lives and find some liberation from our past experiences.  

Rosen for me is a tool which guides me towards deeper self-awareness and interest in the subtleties of my experience. Over time, I have become more aware of how my breath changes, what areas of my body tighten or relax and how emotions present themselves to me in the body and mind in different situations. This is something I have really explored in Rosen sessions with my practitioner, as well as in my daily practice, meditation and life. There is always more we can open to, more we can learn and therefore more possibilities to be fully alive in the world. And this awareness also offers us opportunities to be more open and more spacious for those around us. I notice that as my own capacity to hold, acknowledge and be real with myself grows – my capacity to hold the experiences of those around me and the wider world also increases. By allowing space for ourselves to touch into the truth of our experience, we can allow more spaciousness to be with life more fully. 

If you are interested in exploring the tools that Rosen method can offer in self-awareness and care, get in touch to book your free consultation call. The call is an opportunity for you to find out more about Rosen, ask any questions you may have, and for me to ask some questions about you to get a sense of you in your life at this time. I am currently offering a number of half-price first Rosen sessions, so get in touch if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Or if you know someone who might benefit, then please do pass on my details.  

Warmly and with gratitude, 

Anna x 

Self-care and sickness

I sometimes have clients getting in touch to discuss whether or not they should come to their session later in the week because they are feeling run-down or unwell. To me, a very important part of our personal self-care is noticing when we are feeling run-down, unwell and in need of some rest.  

Sometimes when we are run-down or busy, having a Rosen session can be just what we need. Having a session might allow us to slow down a little in our week, take some time out to listen to ourselves and have the space of the session to rest and return to ourselves. This may especially be the case if we find ourselves giving a lot to others through our daily lives (such as to our families, friends, clients or our work). 

There are other times though, when it may be that we need to take space for ourselves and honour our needs in a different way. It might mean rescheduling a session and taking that time to process, rest or recover from illness. This is particularly true when we are unwell. It is great to let ourselves know that we can honour our needs and allow ourselves to rest and recover when this happens. It is also a way of taking care of those around us, including our practitioners. As a practitioner, this is also an important part of my care for myself and for you as my clients, so when I am ill, I will also take time off to recover and care for myself.  

If you are ever unsure about whether or not to come for your session, please do get in touch. Ideally with as much notice as possible, but in some circumstances, this is not possible. I do have a cancellation policy, and I ask that clients pay for any sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the session time. Though I do also take into consideration the circumstances involved. 

Warmly and with gratitude,  

Anna x 

Booking and Availability

Hi folks,  

My availability is changing and it may be useful for you to know when I am generally able to book in sessions. My main practice days are Thursdays and Fridays and I offer sessions at 10am , 11.30am, 2pm and 3.30pm.

I am sometimes able to be flexible around these times and also have a limited number of later slots on some days available for those who are unable to attend a daytime session.  

I generally suggest that having an initial 3 sessions is advisable and offers an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to get a sense of the work and whether it is something you would like to continue with.  

How regularly you choose to have sessions depends on your personal situation and needs. It can be good to have sessions every two, three or four weeks as this can allow some time for processing in between sessions.  

I currently have some morning and afternoon sessions available next week, so do get in touch if you would like to book in a session.  

Warmly and with gratitude,  

Anna x 

As a Rosen Method Intern, I am practicing under supervision. All information you share with me is confidential and I adhere to the Rosen Institute codes of conduct and am a member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP) and The Rosen Institute (RI).

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