Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions

As a Rosen Method Intern I am practicing under supervision. All information you share with me is confidential and I adhere to the Rosen Institute codes of conduct and am a member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP) and The Rosen Institute (RI).

Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions

What is Rosen Method Bodywork?

Rosen Method Bodywork is a touch-based therapy that supports the client to meet tension and emotion in their body, creating opportunities to allow themselves to inhabit the world more fully. When we experience shock, trauma or challenges our bodies respond and muscle tension can develop in response. If there is no opportunity to express this emotion or release the tension then our bodies can continue to hold this for many years and Rosen Method Bodywork can support the release of tension and emotion through safe touch and gentle dialogue.

What to expect in a Rosen Method Bodywork session:

It is very important that you feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. Allow an hour for an appointment (50 minutes of which will be the session itself). During a session the client will be asked to undress to their underwear (or dressed to their comfort level) and lie on the massage table under a blanket. The client will begin lying on their front and be asked to turn over onto their back part way through the session. The practitioner begins by working over the blanket to develop a connection with the client and then removes the blanket over areas of the body that are being worked on during the session. Through non-intrusive touch the practitioner gently feels the muscular tension in the body and may ask questions or invite the client to share their experience throughout the session. This dialogue between client and practitioner can lead to deep relaxation, muscle tension may release and emotions may be experienced. At the end of the session the client will be covered with the blanket and take some time to rest before getting up off the massage table and dressed. Where possible, allowing some time after a session for integration can be beneficial.

The aim of the session is not to fix the client but to establish contact and awareness. Clients may laugh, cry or experience other feelings or memories and may sometimes feel a profound connection with life. This can lead over time to a more integrated experience of oneself and greater self-acceptance.

Who are Rosen Method Bodywork sessions for?

Rosen Method Bodywork sessions are for those interested in experiencing more fully their emotional and physical potential through increased awareness and relaxation. Rosen Method can be beneficial for spiritual growth, releasing physical tension and pains, working with suppressed emotions, personal growth, opening to one’s full potential, developing greater self care or self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, exploring connection with ourselves, supplementing psychotherapy, easing physical or emotional discomfort.

When is Rosen Method Bodywork not suitable?

There are certain times when we need to maintain our sense of self, and our boundaries including levels of tension held in the body. At these times Rosen Method Bodywork would not be recommended. This may include:

  • If you are in the first few years of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction
  • If you are in a time of crisis such as a recent bereavement
  • If you have a severe mental health problem
Sessions cost £25 for an hour (50 minutes of which will be the session itself).

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