Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions

What is Rosen?

For me, Rosen Method Bodywork sessions are a shared enquiry. We are exploring the landscape of your experience, breathing and tensions together. A session can feel like a gradual and gentle meeting, where we may meet each other on either side of a door. We may find the door is closed or even locked, and through the session we can get a better sense of the door, or even knock on it, to find out more about it and what may be on the other side. There is no sense of forcing anything open or into being, simply invitations as we explore together.

“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside.”

Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions
Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions

Rosen is a gentle form of touch-based therapy. It is not a massage. I am interested in investigating with you the tension in the body; where there is holding and where the breath is quiet or changes. I explore with you using both touch and words, allowing you opportunities to express what you have noticed in your experience through the session. You may wish to share thoughts, feelings, memories, images or changes that you notice in the session. I may make enquiries as we work, asking questions such as, “I’m curious to know what happened just then, did you notice anything?” As a client you may have a response, or you may find the enquiry useful in another way.

Rosen sessions can support us to deepen our awareness of our own experience, and as a practitioner I am here to support your enquiry. You are encouraged to bring awareness to your experience and to offer feedback to support us both to go deeper together. My work offers opportunities to welcome the parts that have not been allowed, and to witness and acknowledge them in whatever way they may need. Each Rosen session is like starting afresh, we never know what we might meet or discover today. We never know what type of door we might find.

Rosen Method Bodywork Sessions

Do you ever experience life as though from behind a door? As though you are watching life happen in another room or another house? Perhaps you are awaiting a friendly knock at the door, waiting for someone to be curious and interested in knowing more of your experience. In these sessions, I try to offer an opportunity for this deeper meeting with you, a chance to put my hand on the door and say, ‘let’s go there together, when you are ready.’

“Standing, stock still,
The world whirling and twirling around out there
‘Out there’, far away,
And yet, only just through that doorway.
One day, a sound,
A knock on an invisible and impossible door
A curious heart is here.
Hesitant, I knock back,
We meet in this sound between two worlds,
That are now one somehow.
Standing back, still,
No longer alone with the whirling and twirling
Glimpsing through,
The doorway opens to the possibility of connection.
“Hello, are you there?”
The voice says.
Someone came!”

What to expect in a Rosen Method Bodywork session:

“The bud stands for all things, even for those things that don’t flower, for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness” Gallway Kinnell

It is very important that you feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. Allow an hour for an appointment (50 minutes of which will be the session itself).

At the start of the session you will be asked to undress to your underwear (or dressed to your comfort level) and lie on the massage table under a blanket. You will begin the session lying on your front and be asked to turn over onto your back part way through the session. 

I begin by working over the blanket to develop a connection with you, and then remove the blanket over areas of the body that are being worked on during the session. 

Through non-intrusive touch I gently feel the muscular tension in the body and may ask questions or invite you to share your experience throughout the session. This dialogue between us can lead to deep relaxation, muscle tension may release and emotions may be experienced. 

At the end of the session you will be covered with the blanket and can take some time to rest before getting up off the massage table and dressed. Where possible, allow some time after a session for integration as this can be beneficial.

The aim of the session is not to fix, but to establish contact and awareness. Throughout a session, you may laugh, cry or experience other feelings or memories and may sometimes feel a profound connection with life. This can lead over time to a more integrated experience of oneself and greater self-acceptance.

Prices and Booking:

Each session lasts for about 1 hour (with 45 minutes being the session time itself).

Sessions are £30 each.

I recommend booking 3 sessions to begin with so that you can get a sense of the work and our connection.

Sometimes we need to change our plans. If you need to cancel a session, please do so with at least 24 hours’ notice so as not to incur the cost of the session. Please note, that where the cause of a late cancellation is related to Covid 19, you will be exept from this cost.

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As a Rosen Method Intern, I am practicing under supervision. All information you share with me is confidential and I adhere to the Rosen Institute codes of conduct and am a member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP) and The Rosen Institute (RI).

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