What My Clients Say

‘melting through layers of my experience’

The quality of contact felt like a melting through layers of my experience. I finished my session feeling a warmth deep in my bones. Previously tight and stuck areas felt more alive and colourful, and the colours of the outside world looked beautiful and brighter too!  

~ Rosen with Anna Client (J)

‘deeply restful’ & ‘incredibly nourishing’

The sessions with Anna are deeply restful, they feel incredibly nourishing to my whole being and she has a masterful compassionate listening touch. I’m very grateful for our sessions. I always come away with insights I didn’t know I needed from a deep river with in. I would highly recommend! 

~ Rosen with Anna Client (N) 

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Anna Grubb Rosen Norwich

As a Rosen Method Intern, I am practicing under supervision. All information you share with me is confidential and I adhere to the Rosen Institute codes of conduct and am a member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP) and The Rosen Institute (RI).

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