What My Clients Say

gentle but powerful experience

“Rosen with Anna is a very gentle but powerful experience through touch and talk.
Simply feeling the experience and sharing what’s going on.
Anna’s hands gently, almost imperceptive touching my body.
My awareness is drawn to where I am touched. Questions and responses, quiet moments.
I notice, ponder, share.
Maybe something is released and let go.”


‘she embodies a naturally compassionate presence’

“My Rosen sessions with Anna were incredibly supportive. She embodies a naturally compassionate presence and holds a deeply nurturing safe space. The gentle touch and dialogue of the work invites the body’s process to naturally arise and unfold. These sessions not only supported deep relaxation and release, but allowed for me to listen to my body’s deeper knowing and wisdom. I’m so grateful for these Rosen sessions with Anna, which have stayed with me since.”


‘I have felt a huge difference within myself’

“I would highly recommend Rosen treatment with Anna. With gentle healing touch Anna’s treatments are sensitive, comfortable, whilst going deep on a non-physical level. I have felt a huge difference within myself from these treatments, a powerful release of trauma enabling me to heal and grow.”


‘melting through layers of my experience’

“The quality of contact felt like a melting through layers of my experience. I finished my session feeling a warmth deep in my bones. Previously tight and stuck areas felt more alive and colourful, and the colours of the outside world looked beautiful and brighter too!”

~ Jenny

‘deeply restful’ & ‘incredibly nourishing’

“The sessions with Anna are deeply restful, they feel incredibly nourishing to my whole being and she has a masterful compassionate listening touch. I’m very grateful for our sessions. I always come away with insights I didn’t know I needed from a deep river with in. I would highly recommend!”

~ Nicole

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Anna Grubb Rosen Norwich

As a Rosen Method Intern, I am practicing under supervision. All information you share with me is confidential and I adhere to the Rosen Institute codes of conduct and am a member of the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP) and The Rosen Institute (RI).

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